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Home Personalization Process: Flooring Choices
May 11, 2021

Home Personalization Process: Flooring Choices

Now that the new homeowner has worked with the Bill Clark Homes design team to perfect the kitchen and bathrooms, the next step in the personalization process is choosing flooring. The goal here is to find options that meet your comfort, aesthetics, and maintenance needs with the durability to keep up with busy families. Keep reading to see how our design consultants assist homeowners as they work through this step of the personalization process.

What decisions do I need to make?

When discussing floor options, the design team will address different options like wood, tile, luxury vinyl, and carpet that may play a role in your home’s final design. The main decisions that homeowners make will affect the entryway, kitchen, living spaces, and bedrooms. Each option is presented in the Design Center where homebuyers can review samples and start to create a cohesive palette throughout the home.

Where should homeowners start with flooring?

The top priority for most homeowners when choosing flooring options is versatility. Some are shopping for scratch-resistant flooring because they have pets or frequent visits from active grandkids. Others shop for something that can withstand the sand tracked in after a trip to the beach. There has also been a shift in the Bill Clark Homes Design Center where homeowners are also looking for more waterproofing since Hurricane Florence. The most important factor is finding materials that fit your lifestyle and allow for easy movement throughout the home.

What are some popular flooring trends?  

According to Design Team Coordinator Courtney Bain, the most popular choice by far is enhanced vinyl plank flooring. It is designed to replicate materials like hardwood and stone, but is waterproof and largely scratch-proof. She described it as “made to live life on” which makes it a good overall choice for homeowners.

Engineered hardwood flooring is the second most popular choice for Bill Clark Homes. It is made from many layers of wood with a wood veneer top layer that adds a classic look to the home. This is generally a more affordable option than hardwood flooring, but offers a similar aesthetic with increased durability.

What is your best advice for choosing flooring?

Think about the daily wear and tear that the new floor will face and pair the material with you. It may help to do some outside research on the benefits of different flooring options, but the Bill Clark Homes design team can walk you through the choices too and fine on that fits all your needs. 

Now that we picked flooring, what is next?

With flooring choices picked, homeowners are one step closer to enjoying life in their new home. The next step in the personalization process is to select a paint palette that will be used throughout the home. For more information about our personalization process, please fill out an online form or call one of our regional offices in Greenville, New Bern or Wilmington

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