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Home Personalization Process: Bathroom Design
April 27, 2021

Home Personalization Process: Bathroom Design

After buyers finish planning their kitchen with the Bill Clark Homes design team, the next step in the personalization process is designing the bathrooms. With thoughtful selections in this part of the process, homeowners can transform function into style and add a little luxury to the start and end of each day. Read more below to learn how our design consultants guide homeowners through this important part of the personalization process.

What components of the bathrooms do homeowners get to select?

The Bill Clark Homes design team will help homeowners select flooring, cabinetry, fixtures, backsplashes, lighting, and any other features that help to personalize a bathroom. Each option is carefully laid out in the Design Center where homeowners can review materials in persona and start to piece together their options for each space.

Where should homeowners start with bathroom design?

One of the first and biggest decisions that homeowners make in bathroom design is whether to incorporate a freestanding shower, an eye-catching tub, or a combined shower-tub structure. The trend for many years was large showers, but luxurious soaking tubs are making a comeback in our Design Center for master bathroom setups. Standalone showers are still the preference in guest bathrooms given their increased accessibility. Anticipating this debate, Bill Clark Homes includes design options on each floor plan to accommodate homeowners’ preferences.

What other design trends are you seeing lately?

Secondary bathrooms are a prime target for easy personalization so we are seeing a lot of creativity in these spaces. In fact, many homeowners will design each secondary bathroom for a slightly different aesthetic changing colors and fixtures, or adding unique accents as you move through the home. 

As for specific materials, many homeowners are opting for quartz countertops, which are easy-to-clean and hypoallergenic. The muted tones also allow custom tilework to be the star rather than competing with darker granite. Custom wall tiles are a signature feature of Bill Clark Homes’ design and are a fun way to define each space. Black or metallic plumbing fixtures, and dark painted cabinets are also trending design features.

What is your best advice for starting to design a bathroom?

Before your design appointment, do as much research as you can and come in with a rough idea of what you like and do not like. This could include pictures from magazines or Pinterest boards that we can use to start narrowing down design selections. New options are added consistently to refresh the Design Center and keep up with current trends.

Now that the bathroom is complete, what do we design next? 

The exterior selections are set and your high-traffic areas like the kitchen and bathrooms are designed. The next step is to pick out durable flooring that is ready for dogs, kids, grandkids, and sandy feet from the beach. Our next blog will cover flooring options and how to find the right fit for your home.

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